Interoperability Manual

This document includes a list of devices which were proven to be interoperable with the 2N IP intercoms. The interoperability level depends on the device type and the intercom. The level may vary according to mechanics, configuration, uploaded licences etc. Obviously, there are many more devices compatible with our intercoms, here are listed just those known to us.

2N® LTE Verso is connected to a mobile operator's network. Functions that require connection to a local network or connection without NAT may not be available.

The settings are usually straightforward, if there is anything specific, then usually the configuration is described in this manual or the FAQ section.


In order to ensure the full functioning and guaranteed outputs we strongly recommend a verification of the timeliness of version of product or facility already during the installation process. The customer takes into consideration that the product or facility can achieve the guaranteed outputs and be fully operational pursuant to the producer’s instructions only by using the most recent version of product or facility, which has been tested for full interoperability and has not been determined by the producer as incompatible with certain versions of other products, only in conformity with the producer’s instructions, guidelines, manual or recommendation and only in conjunction with suitable products and facilities of the other producers. The most recent versions are available on the website, or specific facilities, depending on their technical capacity, allow updating in the configuration interface. Should the customer use any other version of product or facility than the most recent one, or the version that has been determined by the producer as incompatible with certain versions of other producers’ products of facilities, or the product or facility in a way incompatible with the producer’s instructions, guidelines, manual or recommendation or in conjunction with unsuitable products or facilities of the other producers, he or she is aware of all potential limitations of functionality of such a product or facility and all relating consequences. Should the customer use any other than the most recent version of the product or facility, or the version that has been that has been determined by the producer as incompatible with certain versions of other producers’ products of facilities, or the product or facility in a way incompatible with the producer’s instructions, guidelines, manual or recommendation or in conjunction with unsuitable products or facilities of the other producers, he or she agrees that the company 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE a.s. is not liable neither for any limitation of such a product’s functionality, nor for any damage, loss or injury relating to such a potential limitation of functionality.


Logo Company Tested PBX Tested Version Interoperability Video Preview

2N 2N® NetStar All Versions (tick) (tick)
2N® Omega All Versions (tick)
2N® Omega Lite All Versions (tick)
3CX 3CX Phone System All Versions (tick)

Aastra Aastra 400 R2.1 (tick)
Aastra 5000   (tick)
Alcatel - Lucent Alcatel - Lucent OmniPCXOffice 5, 6 (tick)
Alcatel - Lucent OmniPCXEnterprise R9.0 h130142 (tick)
Asterisk Asterisk 13.8-cert4 (tick)
Asterisk Asterisk Trixbox   (tick)
Avaya Aura Comm. Manager / Session manager R6.2 (tick)
IP Office 7.0, 8.0 (tick)
IP Office IP 500 V2 build 972 (tick)
Broadsoft Broadsoft R17.0 (tick)
Cisco Cisco Call Manager Express 4, 7, 8, 9 (tick)
Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CallManager) 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 (tick)
Cisco UC 320W   (tick)
Cisco UC 540 12.4 (tick)
Cisco BE3000   (tick)
Cisco BE6000   (tick)

Deutsche Telekom AG

Digitalisierungsbox Smart (green star)

Elastix Elastix 1.6/12 (tick)

Simau iQWell, Full-IP, Slim, Rack, Cloud, Virtual 0.93 (tick)

Ericsson-LG Ericsson-LG iPecs LIK v6.0Bo and v6.0Cv (tick)

Ferrari Electronic OfficeMaster Gate

Server: OfficeMaster Gate

Client: OfficeMaster EntryControl 3.0.5777.24045 

FreePBX FreePBX   (tick)

Freeswitch Freeswitch 1.6.13 (tick)
FRITZ! FRITZ!Box 7490 6.50 (tick)
Genetec Genetec Sipelia 2.1 GA (tick)
Gigaset Gigaset T300 PRO   (tick)

innovaphone Virtual Appliance

11r2sr22 [11.3648]


The Kamailio SIP Server Project Kamailio SIP server 4.4 (tick)
Microsoft Microsoft Lync 2010, 2013 (green star)
Mitel Mitel 3300 MCD Release 6.0 SP (tick)
LAM LAM Zirkon   (tick)
Panasonic Panasonic NS1000   (tick)
Samsung Samsung OfficeServ 7000 series V4.60b (tick)
Savant Savant SPX-1000   (tick)
Siemens Siemens HiPath 3000 V8   (tick)
Siemens HiPath 4000 V6   (tick)
Siemens OpenStage Gate View   (tick)

Microsoft Skype for Business

Server: 2015 6.0.9319.259

(green star)


Swyx SwyxWare All Versions (tick)
Tadiran Telecom Tadiran Coral PBX MSW, UCX MSW, Coral PBX PUGW   (tick)
Toshiba Toshiba IPedge TGZ1.6 0.27 and above (tick)
Toshiba CIX MT069 and above (tick)

PBX WGW range

WMS 2.0, WMS 3.0

Hotel PBX WGWH range WMS 2.0, WMS 3.0 (tick)

Tested Phones

Logo Company Tested Phones Tested Version Interoperability

2N 2N StarPoint IP T19 E2   (green star)
2N StarPoint IP T21   (green star)
2N StarPoint IP T23P   (green star)
2N StarPoint IP T27P   (green star)
2N StarPoint IP T23G   (green star)
2N StarPoint IP T29G   (green star)
2N StarPoint IP T48G TFT-LCD   (green star)

Akuvox Akuvox VP-R49P   (green star) / (tick)

Cisco Cisco 7941   (green star) / (tick)*
Cisco 7970   (green star) / (tick)*
Cisco 7985 Tandberg   (tick)
Cisco 8865   (tick)

Cisco 8941

Cisco 8945   (tick)
Cisco 8961   (tick)
Cisco 9951   (tick)
Cisco 9971   (tick)
Cisco DX70   (tick)
Cisco DX650   (tick)
Cisco SPA 301   (green star)
Cisco SPA 525   (tick)
Ericsson-LG iPecs LIP-9070 v1.2.7i (tick)
Fanvil Fanvil C62 (green star)
Fanvil D800 (tick)
Gigaset DE900 IP PRO 2.00.10 (green star)
Maxwell 10 1.50 (tick)
N300IP   (green star)
N510IP   (green star)


Grandstream GXP2200 (tick)
Grandstream GXV3000 (tick)
Grandstream GXV3140 (tick)
Grandstream GXV3175 (tick)
Grandstream GXV3240 (tick)
Grandstream GXV3275 (tick)
Grandstream GXV3370   (tick)
innovaphone Innovaphone 200 0.0.80 (green star)

Interquartz END10Cxx March11, 2014 (green star)

Siemens OpenStage 60 V3 R5.3.0 (tick)

Snom Snom D385 (tick)
Snom 760 (tick)
Snom D765 (tick)
Snom D785 (tick)
Snom 820 (tick)
Snom 870 (tick)
Planet Planet ICF 1600   (tick)

Polycom Polycom VVX 500   (warning)
Polycom VVX 1500   (tick)
Polycom VVX 401   (green star)
Polycom VVX 601   (tick)

tiptel tiptel 3275   (tick)
Yealink Yealink T21P E2 (green star)
Yealink T20P (tick)
Yealink T22P (green star)
Yealink T28P (green star)
Yealink T46G (green star)
Yealink T49G (tick)
Yealink T58A/V (tick)
Yealink VP-530 (tick)
Yealink VP-2009 (tick)


Windows PC

Logo Company Tested Phones Tested Version Interoperability

3CX 3CXPhone 14.0.45826.0 (tick)

AdoreInfotech Adore Softphone Premium 1.0.4 Premium (green star)

Avaya IP Office Softphone 68975 (tick)
Avaya Communicator for Windows (tick)

Belledonne communications Linphone 3.10.2 (tick)

Cisco Cisco IP Communicator   (tick)
Cisco Jabber 4.8 (warning)


CounterPath Bria 2.4 (build 49274) (tick)
CounterPath X-Lite 4.9.0 78104 (tick)
CounterPath eyeBeam 1.5 (tick)

HSYCO HSYCO VoIP Touch   (tick)

IdeaWorks MeSh IdeaWorks MeSh   (tick)

PortSIP Pangolin 5.3 (tick)
PortGo 12.2.1  

Rava Rava™ SIP Intercom & Phone Technology   (tick)

Securax Zoiper IAX SIP VOIP Softphone 1.27 34166 (tick)

SJ Labs SJ Phone 1.65.2637 (tick)

Skype Skype Connect   (tick)

SWYX SwyxIt! All Versions (tick)

Voip by Antisip Voip by Antisip   (tick)

VoipSwitch VoipSwitch Vippie (Android)   (tick)

Android Phones 

Logo Company Tested Phones Tested Version Interoperability

3CX 3CXPhone 12 12.5.35  

AdoreInfotech Adore Softphone 3.3.6 (green star)

Americ Moizard Voip by Antisip 4.2.0 (tick)

Avaya Avaya one-X Mobile (green star)

Belledonne communications

Linphone Video

2.4.1 (green star)
Linphone 3.10.2 (tick)

CounterPath CounterPath Bria   (tick)
Bria Stretto 3.2.4  


Grandstream Networks

Grandstream Wave (green star)

i-p-tel GmbH Sipdroid 3.7 beta (green star)

MEDIA5 Media5-fone VoIP SIP Softphone (green star)-

Mobyx Solutions Softphone 1.5  


Mizutech MizuDroid SIP VOIP Softphone 2.0.6 (green star)

PortSIP PortSIP Softphone 6.2.1 (tick)

Regis Montoya CSipSimple 1.02.03 (green star)

Securax Zoiper IAX SIP VOIP Softphone 1.27 34166 (tick)

Sipwise sipwise Sip:phone 1.0 b63 (green star)

Verysoft EVA SIP Phone 2.1 (green star) 

Apple iPhones / iPads

Logo Company Tested Phones Tested Version Interoperability

Avaya Avaya Communicator (tick)

CounterPath CounterPath Bria   (tick)

Belledonne communications Linphone 3.10.2 (tick)

Securax Zoiper IAX SIP VOIP Softphone 1.27 34166 (tick)

Home and Building Automation

Logo Company Tested Home Automation Version Interoperability
AMX AMX via VoIP gateway

For connection of 2N IP intercom to the AMX system,

Communications Gateway CSG-580 is necessary

Supported controllers: NX-1200, NX-2200, NX-3200 a NX-4200 (tick)
Supported panels: G4, G5 (tick)

Integrated Security System C4

Control4 Control4 Composer 2.7.0, Drivers: 2N IP intercom (version 1.10.3.e), Recluse AV HTTP Command Driver (tick)
T3 Series 7" and 10" In-Wall Touch Screens, 7" Portable (tick)
Touch Screen (V2) 7" Portable (tick)

InfinityEdge (V1)

Only audio works

5" and 7" (warning)
Crestron Crestron   (tick)
DemoPad DemoPad

PC software Version 2.176

App version 1.6.4
Divus     (tick)

ela-soft GmbH GEMOS PSIM   (tick)

ELAN ELAN   (tick)
Fibaro HC2 1.5.2 (tick)

Genetec Genetec Synergis 5.6 SR4 (5.6.977.19) (tick)

Hi System

Hi System Central Unit

HG-BOX-UNIV, FW 3.0 (tick)
HC2-KNX 7" Touch Panel
1.6.1 (tick)
HC2L-KNX 10.4" Touch Panel 1.6.1 (tick)

IFTTT IFTTT   (tick)

IndigoCare iCall 290 SIP-Touch NS PS_i25_1.9.1.0 (tick)
iNELS iNELS iMM, iHC 3.115 (tick)
LARA   (tick)
Leadtek AMOR 8A10 FW 2.4.135 (tick)
Leviton Security and Automation Omni Automation Controller 3.9 or higher (tick)
OmniTouch7 1.8 or higher (tick)

Miniserver lxl0128, 7.4 (tick)

RTI RTI Touch Panel KX10 1.1.10 (KX10) (tick)
Savant Savant SIS-5000   (tick)
Schneider Electric homeLYnk   (tick)

Thinknx Thinknx   (tick)
xxter xxter   (tick)

Yönnet Interra FW i4 (tick)

Zipato Zipato   (tick)

VoIP Gateways

Logo Company Tested VoIP Gateway Version Interoperability

2N BlueTower All Versions (tick)
BRI Enterprise / Lite All Versions (tick)
Office Route All Versions (tick)
StarGate All Versions (tick)
VoiceBlue Next / MAX All Versions (tick)
Linksys SPA3102 ATA   (tick)

Granstream HT-503 (tick)

Access Control Systems

Logo Company Tested Access Control Version Interoperability

2N External RFID Reader   (tick)

3M Cogent MiY biometric reader (Fingerprint scanner)   (tick)
BERA Self-locking safety electromechanical lock BERA-E, BERA-V (tick)
Bosch Access Systems 37,22 (tick)
Control by Web WebRelay   (tick)
HID R10 13 MHz Card Reader   (tick)

Honeywell EBI 4.10 TemaLine TemaServer TS2   (tick)
EBI 4.10 Temaline RTU 08 wiegand interface   (tick)
NEDAP uPass Reach, uPass Access (Long range UHF reader)   (tick)
Siemens SiPass Entro & SiPass integrated

Entro MP6.55

integrated MP2.60
Suprema BioLite Net BLR-OC (Fingerprint scanner) 1.3_110306 (tick)

Tattile tattile

Automatic Number Plate Recognition solution (ANPR)  


XPR MINI-m 125 kHz Card Reader   (tick)

Zucchetti Axess Zucchetti Axess   (tick)

IP Cameras

Enhanced Video license is required to use an external camera.

IP camera interoperability for the External IP camera feature:

Logo Company Tested IP Camera Version Interoperability
ACTi E42 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC (tick)
ACTi E919 A1D-500-V6.11.31-A (tick)

AVIGILON 1.0MP WDR HD Bullet Camera (error)

AVTECH AVM-5xx series   (tick)


Universal Settings   (tick)
P1204   (tick)

M1034-W   (tick)
M1054-W   (tick)
M1145-L (tick)
M2014-E   (tick)
M3004-V   (tick)


Bosch FLEXIDOME IP micro 2000 HD 5.90.0112 (12510590) (tick)
Bosch IP micro 2000 HD 5.80 B 73 (73500580) (error) / ?
FLEXIDOME IP micro 5000   (error) / ?
Cisco PVC2300   (tick)
Dahua IPC-HFW2300R-Z   (error)
IPC-HDBW2320R-ZS 2.400.0000.30.R (error)
D-Link D-Link DCS-930LB 2.12.01 (error)
Dinox DDR-3310 V5.1.0 build 140521 (tick)

FLIR Thermal Bullet 90 T4390BT 2.420.0001.1.R (tick)
PE133E (error)
Grandstream GXV3610HD (tick)
GXV3672FHD (tick)
GXV3674HD (tick)
Hikvision DS-2CD2125FWD-I V5.5.3 build 171018 (tick)
DS-2CD2512F-I   (error)
DS-2CD2620F-I   (tick)
DS-2CD2020F-I   (tick)
DS-2CD2112F-I   (tick)
DS-2CD2720FIZ28   (error)

Honeywell HBW2GR1   (tick)

Indigovision BX series   (tick)
Milesight MS-C3582   (tick)
Samsung WiseNet 3   (tick)
WiseNet Lite   (tick)
QND-6010R 1.00_160702 (tick)
SND-L6013P 1.01_150918 (tick)


Sony SNC-CX600W   (tick)




Video Management Systems

Logo Company Product Actual Version Interoperability

Aimetis Symphony (tick)

Arteco Arteco NEXT (tick)

Avigilon ACC (tick)


AXIS Camera Station

5.05.010 (tick)

Axxon Next (tick)

Bosch Bosch VMS 7.00.223 (tick)

Canex cWatch 3.33 build 9074 (tick)

Cisco VSM 7.7.0 (tick)
VSOM   (tick)

Dahua Dahua HCVR 3.200.0004.5 (tick)

Digifort Digifort 7.2.0 (tick)

Digivod digivod® (tick)

DSSL TRASSIR 4.0 (tick)

Exacq exacqVision (tick)

Genetec Security Center/Omnicast 5.5.551.27 (tick)

Geovision Geovision GV-VMS (tick)


G-Core (tick)

Hikvision Hikvision DS-8616NI-ST - (tick)
Hikvision NVR DS-7608NI-E2/8P/A 3.4.95 build 170626 (tick)

IP Cam Viewer Lite IP Cam Viewer Lite

6.3.7 (Android)

2.9.8 (iOS)


Koukaam IPCorder   (tick)

Luxriot Luxriot (tick)

Milestone XProtect 2018 (12.1a) (tick)
XProtect Enterprise

2016 (10.0a)


Mirasys Mirasys 8.0.0 (tick)

Netavis Netavis Observer (tick)

Network Optix Nx Witness (tick)

Nuuo NUUO NVRsolo 6.4.0 (tick)

OnSSI Ocularis PS, IS and DS (tick)

ONVIF Device Manager ONVIF Device Manager 2.2.250 (tick)

Samsung SRN series 1.04_140926115507 (tick)

Schille Informationssysteme GmbH

DiViCro, SiVMS, SiNVR, Zelaris

3.13.5 Build 709


Seetec Seetec Cayuga (tick)
Siemens Siemens Siveillance VMS 2018 (12.1a) (tick)


Immix Server

(Free registration requested to show FAQ)

- (tick)

Synology DS 409+, DS 216 play 6.0.2 (tick)

Vista Qulu (tick)

WaveStore WaveView 5.48.33 (tick)

Public Address Systems

Logo Company Product Version Interoperability

SingleWire InformaCast   (tick)

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Android Phones

In order to improve speed and reading distance on some smartphones, especially Samsung, we recommend to disable support for "HID iClass CSN" card in the Allowed Card Types at 13 MHz RFID Card Reader. At Secured 13 MHz RFID Card Reader enable the parameter Samsung NFC Compatibility.

Logo Company Product Version NFC Interoperability BT Interoperability

Alcatel Idol 3 5.0.2 (tick) Not tested

Lenovo A7010 5.1 (warning) Not tested

Google (LG) Nexus 5

4.4.4 / 5.0 / 5.1/

6.0.1 / 7.0

(tick) / (tick) / (tick) /

(tick) / (tick)

(tick) / (tick) / (tick) /

(tick) / (tick)

Google (Asus) Nexus 7 4.4.4 / 6.0.1 (tick) / (tick) (tick) / (tick)

Honor 7 5.0.2 Not available (tick)
HTC Desire 610 4.4.2 (tick) Not tested
Desire 620 4.4.4 (tick) (tick)
One M8 4.4.4 (tick) Not tested
Huawei G6 4.4.4 (error) Not tested
P8 Lite (ALE-L21) 5.0.1 (tick) (error)
Ascend G7 4.4.4 (tick) (tick)
LG D605 - L9 II 4.4.2 (tick) (error)
Flex 2 5.1.1 (tick) (tick)
G3s 4.4.2 (tick) (tick)
D390n - F60 4.4.4 (tick) (tick)
Kingzone K1 Turbo 4.2.2 (error) Not tested

Samsung Galaxy J5 5.1.1 (tick) Not tested
Galaxy S3 Mini 4.1.2 (error) (warning) (works only with custom ROM)
Galaxy S3   (error) Not tested
Galaxy S4 4.4.2 (tick) (tick)
Galaxy Note 4 4.4.4 (tick) (tick)
Galaxy Tab A 5.1.0 (error) (error)

Sony Xperia M 4.3 (error) Not tested
    Xperia M4 Aqua 5.0 (tick) (tick)
    Xperia L 4.4.4 (error) Not tested
    Xperia Z1 4.4.4 (tick) Not tested
    Xperia Z2 4.4.4 (tick) (tick)
    Xperia Z5 5.0.1 (tick) Not tested

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 6.0 Not available (tick)

Apple iPhones

Logo Company Model Version NFC Interoperability BT Interoperability


5S 10 and higher (error) (tick)
6 10 and higher (error) (tick)
6 Plus

10 and higher



6S 10 and higher (error) (tick)
6S Plus 10 and higher (error) (tick)
7 10 and higher (error) (tick)
7 Plus 10 and higher (error) (tick)
SE 10 and higher (error) (tick)

RFID Cards

Refer to the card type for information about support at each RFID card reader module.

125 kHz Cards

Type 2N IP intercom


13.56MHz + 125kHz


125kHz EMarine

EM41XX (tick) (tick) (tick)
HID-26, H10301 (tick) (tick) (error)
HID-33, D10202 (tick) (tick) (error)
HID-35, Corp.1000 (tick) (tick) (error)
HID-37, H10302/4 (tick)   (error)
HID-37, Rederia (tick) (tick) (error)
HID RAW Format (tick) (error) (error)

13 MHz Cards

Type 2N IP intercom


13.56MHz + 125kHz

HID iClass (tick) (tick)
Cepas (tick) (tick)
MIFARE Classic 1k (tick) (tick)
MIFARE Classic 4k (tick) (tick)
MIFARE Ultralight C (tick) (tick)
ISO14443A (tick) (tick)
MIFARE DESFire (tick) (tick)


Logo Company Tested Switch Tested Version Interoperability PoE
Cisco Catalyst 2960   (tick) (tick)
SF302-08P (tick) (tick)
SF200-24P   (tick) (tick)
HP ProCurve 3400   (tick) N/A
ProCurve 3500   (tick) (tick)
Linksys SRW208MP 1.0.4 (tick) (tick)
SRV2024 1.2.2b (tick) N/A




  (tick) (tick)


  (tick) (tick)
TL-SG2210P   (tick) (tick)


US-8-150W (tick) (tick) (Configure POE+)
US-24-500W   (tick) (tick)(Configure POE+)
ZyXEL GS2200   (tick) (tick)


  • Enhanced Integration license is required for the SMTP and FTP features.
Logo Company Software Tested Version Interoperability

Economia, a.s. Atlas Mail 2017-03-30 (tick)
Centrum Mail 2017-03-30 (tick)
Volny Mail 2017-03-30 (tick)

Exim Internet Mailer Exim Internet Mailer 4.84_2 (tick)

Tim Kosse FileZilla Server 0.9.49 beta  

FreeRadius FreeRadius Server  1.1.7-r0.0.2 (tick)

Google Gmail 2017-03-28 (tick)

hMailServer hMailServer 5.6.1-B2208 (tick)

Microsoft Outlook Live Mail 2017-03-28 (tick)

Postfix Postfix 2.11.3 (tick)

Sendmail, Inc. Sendmail 8.14.4 (tick)

Seznam Seznam Email 2017-03-28 (tick)

SolarWinds KIWI Syslog Server 9.0.3 (tick)

Free TFTP Server (tick)

Yahoo Yahoo Email 2017-03-28 (tick)

VoIP Providers

Logo Company Tested Version Interoperability
O2 Czech Republic a.s.   (tick)   (tick)


UPC Česká Republika s.r.o.   (tick)


  • Enhanced Security license is required for the SRTP feature.

Compatible PBXs

Logo Company Name Tested Version Interoperability

3CX 3CX Phone System All Versions (tick)

Asterisk Asterisk 13.8-cert4 (tick)

The Kamailio SIP Server Project Kamailio SIP server 4.4 (tick)

innovaphone innovaphone Virtual Appliance 11r2sr22 [11.3648] (tick)

Compatible Phones

 Logo Company Name Tested Version Interoperability

Cisco Cisco SPA 525 G2   (error)
Grandstream Grandstream GXV3175 (error)
 Grandstream GXV3240 (tick)

Yealink  Yealink T20P (tick)
Yealink T46G (error)

Snom Snom D765 (tick)
Snom 820 8.1.3 15856 (tick)

Compatible SoftPhones

Logo Company Name OS Tested Version Interoperability

Belledonne communications Linphone Windows/macOS/Linux 3.10.2 (tick)
Android 3.10.2 (tick)
iOS 3.10.2 (tick)

Securax Zoiper IAX SIP VOIP Softphone Windows/macOS/Linux 3.15 (tick)


iOS 1.5  (tick)

CounterPath CounterPath Bria Android