4. Home and Building Automation

As softphones are discussed from the point of view of telephony in the preceding section, home and building automation is a separate market segment and thus listed separately.

Home and Building Automation

Logo Company Tested Home Automation Version Interoperability

AMX AMX via VoIP gateway

For connection of 2N IP intercom to the AMX system,

Communications Gateway CSG-580 is necessary

  Supported controllers: NX-1200, NX-2200, NX-3200 a NX-4200 (tick)
Supported panels: G4, G5 (tick)

AVE AVE   (tick)

Integrated Security System C4

Control4 Control4 Composer 2.7.0, Drivers: 2N IP intercom (version 1.10.3.e), Recluse AV HTTP Command Driver (tick)
T3 Series 7" and 10" In-Wall Touch Screens, 7" Portable (tick)
Touch Screen (V2) 7" Portable (tick)

InfinityEdge (V1)

Only audio works

5" and 7" (warning)
Crestron Crestron   (tick)
DemoPad DemoPad

PC software Version 2.176

App version 1.6.4

Divus     (tick)

Domotica Labs Domotica Labs   (tick)

ela-soft GmbH GEMOS PSIM   (tick)

ELAN ELAN   (tick)

Fibaro HC2 1.5.2 (tick)

Flowbox Flowbox   (tick)

Hi System

Hi System Central Unit

HG-BOX-UNIV, FW 3.0 (tick)
HC2-KNX 7" Touch Panel
1.6.1 (tick)
HC2L-KNX 10.4" Touch Panel 1.6.1 (tick)

IFTTT IFTTT   (tick)

IndigoCare iCall 290 SIP-Touch NS PS_i25_1.9.1.0 (tick)
iNELS iNELS iMM, iHC 3.115 (tick)
LARA   (tick)

KBLUE Domotica KBlue System   (tick)

Leadtek AMOR 8A10 FW 2.4.135 (tick)
Leviton Security and Automation Omni Automation Controller 3.9 or higher (tick)
OmniTouch7 1.8 or higher (tick)

Miniserver lxl0128, 7.4 (tick)

RTI RTI Touch Panel KX10 1.1.10 (KX10) (tick)

Savant Savant SIS-5000   (tick)
Savant DOR-xxx-xx   (tick)
Schneider Electric homeLYnk   (tick)

Thinknx Thinknx   (tick)
xxter xxter   (tick)

Yönnet Interra FW i4 (tick)

Zipato Zipato   (tick)

Used Symbols

(tick) - Compatible

(warning) - Work with limitation

(error) - Incompatible