6. Access Control

The following devices cooperate with 2N IP intercom in providing access control for identification and/or actual door control.

Access Control Systems

Logo Company Tested Access Control Version Interoperability

2N External RFID Reader   (tick)

3M Cogent MiY biometric reader (Fingerprint scanner)   (tick)
BERA Self-locking safety electromechanical lock BERA-E, BERA-V (tick)

Bosch Access Systems 37,22 (tick)

Brivo Brivo Onair   (tick)

Control by Web WebRelay   (tick)

Evtrack Evtrack   (tick)

Genetec Genetec Synergis 5.6 SR4 (5.6.977.19) (tick)

GeCOSoft Geco WAM2 8.1.2 (tick)
HID R10 13 MHz Card Reader   (tick)

Honeywell EBI 4.10 TemaLine TemaServer TS2   (tick)
EBI 4.10 Temaline RTU 08 wiegand interface   (tick)

Inner range Inception Panel   (tick)

NEDAP uPass Reach, uPass Access (Long range UHF reader)   (tick)

Siemens SiPass Entro & SiPass integrated

Entro MP6.55

integrated MP2.60

STid Spectre UHF external card reader   (tick)
ARC-AC4 external RFID card reader   (tick)
Suprema BioLite Net BLR-OC (Fingerprint scanner) 1.3_110306 (tick)

Tattile tattile

Automatic Number Plate Recognition solution (ANPR)  


XPR MINI-m 125 kHz Card Reader   (tick)

Zucchetti Axess Zucchetti Axess   (tick)

Used Symbols

(tick) - Compatible

(warning) - Work with limitation

(error) - Incompatible

Access Event logging