7. IP Cameras



Tested IP Cameras

Technical Specifications

Used Symbols


Enhanced Video license is required to use an external camera.

Tested IP Cameras

Logo Company Tested IP Camera Interoperability

ACTi E42 (tick)
ACTi E919 (tick)

AVIGILON 1.0MP WDR HD Bullet Camera (error)
H4 Thermal Camera (tick)

AVTECH AVM-5xx series (tick)


Universal Settings (tick)
P1204 (tick)
M1025 (tick)
M1034-W (tick)
M1054-W (tick)
M1145-L (tick)
M2014-E (tick)
M3004-V (tick)



Bosch FLEXIDOME IP micro 2000 HD (tick)
Bosch IP micro 2000 HD (error) / ?
FLEXIDOME IP micro 5000 (error) / ?

Cisco PVC2300 (tick)

Dahua IPC-HFW2300R-Z (error)
IPC-HDBW2320R-ZS (error)
D-Link D-Link DCS-930LB (error)

Dinox DDR-3310 (tick)

FLIR Thermal Bullet 90 T4390BT (tick)
PE133E (error)

Grandstream GXV3610HD (tick)
GXV3672FHD (tick)
GXV3674HD (tick)

Hanwha Techwin WiseNet TNO-4040TR (Thermal Camera) (tick)

Hikvision DS-2CD2125FWD-I (tick)
DS-2CD2512F-I (error)
DS-2CD2620F-I (tick)
DS-2CD2020F-I (tick)
DS-2CD2112F-I (tick)
DS-2CD2720FIZ28 (error)

Honeywell HBW2GR1 (tick)

Indigovision BX series (tick)

Milesight MS-C3582 (tick)

Samsung WiseNet 3 (tick)
WiseNet Lite (tick)
QND-6010R (tick)
SND-L6013P (tick)


Sony SNC-CX600W (tick)





Technical Specifications

Technical specifications for the video stream received from IP cameras.

H.264 Decoder Specification

  • Video Resolution: 640x480
  • Video Bitrate: max 2048 kbit/s
  • Up to level 3.0 features of the baseline profile (BP)
  • Progressive frame type picture decoding
  • Multiple slices and multiple reference frames
  • CAVLC decoding
  • Intra-prediction and inter-prediction modes
  • Up to 16 MV per MB
  • Frame size being non-multiples of 16 through frame cropping
  • Frame width of the range 32 to 720 pixels
  • Byte-stream syntax and NAL unit format for the input bit stream
  • Long term reference frames
  • Gaps in the frame_num
  • Decoding of streams with IPCM coded macroblocks
  • Skipping of non-reference pictures

 MJPEG Decoder Specification

  • Video Resolution: 640x480 (Max 800x600, Resolution over 640x480 is reduced to half - 800x600 -> 400x300 etc.)
  • Quality factor: 50 - 80 (Max 95 - bitrate aprox. 5 Mbit/s)
  • RFC 2435, part Q Field >=128 only
  • Baseline sequential mode with both interleaved and non-interleaved input format
  • Progressive mode
  • YUV 444, YUV 422, YUV 420, YUV 411, and Gray scale colour sub-sampling formats
  • YUV 422 with sampling format ((1,2), (1, 1),(1,1)) for baseline sequential mode with interleaved input format supported, baseline sequential mode with non interleaved input format
  • Maximum of three components
  • Maximum of three quantisation tables
  • Maximum of four Huffman tables each for AC and DC DCT coefficients
  • Arbitrary image size for both sequential and progressive JPEG images
  • 8-bit and 16-bit quantisation tables
  • Source images of 12-bits per sample NOT SUPPORTED

Used Symbols

(tick) - Compatible

(warning) - Work with limitation

(error) - Incompatible