Cisco SPA 301



Version 7

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Cisco SPA 301
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Default password N/A
Video support N/A

Version 7


Tested Functions

Cisco SPA 301 2N IP Intercom Direct Call

(green star)
7.5.2 (green star)


Direct Call

  Cisco SPA 301 Settings

In the phone extension 1 settings, enter the IP address of your 2N IP Intercom intercom as a proxy server and enable registration by selecting "Yes" in the field below. Also enter an arbitrary User ID, which will be used to identify the phone.

  2N IP Intercom Settings

Settings of 2N IP Intercom intercom is very easy. First of all create a new user and assign him a phone number – we will make SIP direct call (peer-to-peer call) to Cisco SPA 301 in our scenario. Therefore the number is set in the format: sip:user_ID@IP_address. The user ID has to be the same as you have entered in the Cisco SPA 301 configuration. The IP address is the address of your Cisco SPA 301 phone.

Used Symbols

(tick) - Verified with video

(green star) - Verified with audio only

(warning) - Work with limitation

(error) - Incompatible