2.11 4ASL/4AVL Card

The card contains 4 ASL ports and 4 AVL ports.

  • In case of power supply shortage the ASL ports are 1:1 switched to the AVL ports.
  • We recommend to only connecting the telephone sets, which do not need additional power supply and are in compliance with the basic requirements and further respective provisions and stipulations of the 1999/5/ES Directive to the AVL ports.
  • The card can be installed into any line position of the basic or the extension modules.

4 x CO port

  • Interface type – analogue with power supply –60V
  • Signalisation – reverse polarity,
  • CLIP broadcasting – FSK, DTMF
  • Connection – RJ-45 – two-wire
  • Pin4, Pin5 = a/b wires

Order no. 1011224 2N NETSTAR module 4xCO / 4x ASL