2.6 System Voice Menu

System Voice Menu

Press the MENU/SELECT button for 3 s to enter the system voice menu. The device starts playing the following message: “System voice menu. Press BACK to quit the menu.” If an error is detected, the error number is played. Then, the current IP address and DHCP are read and the factory reset can be performed.

The menu starts playing the following information:

  1. If an error is detected: “Warning, the device is not working correctly! Error number ...”.
  2. “The IP address is x.x.x.x”.
  3. “DHCP is on/off, press SELECT to change the DHCP settings”. If SELECT is not pressed, you will proceed to the next setting.
  4. “Press SELECT to restore the factory settings”. If SELECT is not pressed, you will quit the voice menu.
Error number Error type
1. Disconnected from network – link layer inactive
2. Link layer active – no IP address assigned
3. No SIP Proxy registration
4. System error – upgrade required
5. One or more mandatory parameters missing for correct function (no alarm number completed)
6. No check call made
7. Speaker test (audio test)
8. Lift8 server registration error
9. Stuck button


  • Do not press the SELECT button to enable/disable DHCP or restore the factory settings until you have read the whole message.
  • By restoring the factory settings you delete parameters 1100–1110.


Error detection

  • 15 seconds to get the link
  • 30 seconds to get the IP address
  • 60 seconds to connect to the SIP Proxy / Lift8 server