1.4 Safety Precautions

The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the product in order to improve its qualities. The manufacturer continuously responds to the clients' requirements by improving the software. Refer to the www.2n.cz company websites for the latest 2N® Indoor View firmware and User Manual.

  • Where necessary, the device can be installed at a safe distance from the prohibited area and an Ethernet cable can only be carried to the required site.
  • Install 2N® Indoor View out of reach of sensitive devices and human bodies as it emits electromagnetic interference.

  • The permitted scope of operating temperatures is specified in chapter 6. Technical Parameters.
  • The device may not be operated at places exposed to direct sunlight or near heat sources.
  • 2N® Indoor View is designed for indoor use. It may not be exposed to rain, flowing water, condensing moisture, fog, and so on.
  • It may not be exposed to aggressive gases, acid and solvent vapors, etc.

It is designed for LAN connection.


  • This product and its installation and configuration techniques are not intended for persons with diminished physical, sensory or mental capacities or persons with limited experience and knowledge unless expertly supervised or duly advised as to the use of this product by a person responsible for their safety.