1.1 Product Description

2N® Indoor View is a stylish, compact-design indoor IP/SIP unit providing audio and video communication with the 2N IP intercoms. The device includes a 4 mm enhanced glass touchscreen panel, Speakerphone, high-quality microphone with excellent audibility and intelligibility properties, Ethernet LAN interface and induction loop and doorbell external supply connectors. 2N® Indoor View is a top-quality, cost efficient and easy to install and configure answering unit. One installation can combine variable answering units manufactured by 2N Telekomunikace a.s.

2N® Indoor View is equipped with a specific user interface for an increased user comfort and safety.

2N® Indoor View basic features

  • 7" color LCD video display
  • full duplex handsfree HD audio communication
  • LAN interface with PoE supply option
  • easy flush mounting
  • the device can be combined in installations with 2N® Indoor Touch2N® Indoor Compact or 2N® Indoor Talk answering units,
  • remote administration and configuration via 2N® Remote Configuration
  • call setup option via 2N® Mobile Video on a smartphone
  • DND mode and parental lock 
  • remote door lock control
  • time display at relax
  • display of the current weather,
  • integrated administrator web interface, 
  • external doorbell button input
  • external power supply input
  • induction loop output