3.9 Software and Dialler

The Software port and Dialler are objects used for easy verification of the PBX configuration, especially the routing rules for calls and SMS.

When a software port is added, a Dialler (software terminal) is created automatically. As its functions are based on a key phone, its controls and menus are almost identical with the key phone. Similarly, you can assign a station to the software port on the Stations tab and make outgoing and incoming calls like with a standard key phone.


  • The calls between the Dialler and any other PBX port are only connected on the signalling level: as the speech channel is not allocated, the speech signal cannot be transmitted.


  • If you, during an active call, pass into another menu (except for Trace), the call will be terminated. Use the Eject to window function on the upper toolbar to keep the active call.

Figure: Software Port Options


  • Port type
    • Admin
    • No login
  • Display width – define the Dialler display width in characters.
  • Display height – define the Dialler display height in rows.
  • Keys count –  define the count of programmable Dialler keys. Having assigned a station to the Dialler, configure the keys in the Properties fall-down menu on the Softphone tab.


Figure: Dialler


The Dialler figure can be divided into the following three sections:

  • Display – display the following in the default state (upon station login): station number, current profile, date and time.
  • Control keys
  •   represents the Dialler handset. Press the handset to start a call with the previously dialled number, or receive a call.
  •  is the HandsFree key, which has the same function as the handset key in the Dialler.
  •  helps you hold an active call or return to a call on hold.
  •  and  helps you move across the Dialler menu.
  •  is used for confirmation. Press this key to select a function, receive a call or send the dialled number.
  •  is used for return from a menu or call rejection.
  • Phone keys – set the phone key count on the Stack  tab of the respective Software port. Set the phone key function in the Properties fall-down menu on the Softphone tab.