3.2 System Grouping

Of course, the system is also grounded via the power supply network (thanks to the protective earth conductor – if this is connected to the outlet). However, such grounding is not considered sufficient – with regard to the danger resulting from the fact that the system may easily be disconnected from the power supply network (over-voltage stemming from any line may thus easily be spread to the system chassis and from there to any other line!).


  • The system should thus optimally be connected from the main switchboard through a yellow-green conductor with a diameter of not less than 4mm2 to the grounding ledge. In case of emergency the "earth" should be connected by such conductor (i.e. non-disconnectedly) to at least the closest power supply outlet (make sure that the outlet is connected correctly).
  • The conductor should be attached to the system using the earthed connector (on the backside of the system panel, marked with the grounding symbol) that is to be fixed properly. The grounding should be connected prior to the connection of any other wiring!!!

The grounding conductors are supplied with any package containing either basic or extension modules. The length of the conductor is for the basic and the extension unit 1500 mm. The ends of the conductor are equipped with a 4 mm diameter eyelet, one end of the basic module conductor has an 8 mm diameter eyelet.

Grounding conductor of the extension unit

Grounding conductor of the basic unit