1.3.2 System Installation

The same applies for the connection to the 230 V or 115 V power supply Network, which is subject to the local and national regulations and directives. 

The connection of the system to the telecommunication network is subject to local national regulations and directives. The interface of the line cards terminates in a RJ45 plug. 

Only appliances complying with the basic requirements and further specifications of the directive no. 1999/5/ES (Government Directive No. 426/200 Coll., which stipulates the technical requirements of radio and telecommunication terminal appliances, in the wording of the later regulations) may be connected to the internal analogue interface.

The supplied wiring including an additional connection to the single ground point is used for connection. If you do not use the additional system grounding, the over voltage protection integrated in the line cards will not work.

The 2N® NetStar communication system was designed as digital appliance (TDM circle switching) with sufficiently powerful processor and LAN connection with integrated VoIP telephony.