1. System Installation

Here is what you can find in this section:

Selection of the Installation Site

The following aspects shall be taken into consideration while selecting a site for the system installation:

Good accessibility:

All interfaces for the connection of the telecommunication interfaces or data network connections, as well as the switch-on, switch-off and system reset controls are placed on the front side.

Protection against humidity and extreme temperatures:

  • The appliance may never be placed close to heat sources (radiators) or places exposed to direct sunshine. Also places with high humidity (such as bathrooms and cellars), places with significant temperature fluctuation (next to doors, windows, air-conditioning), dusty places (workshops, etc.) or places exposed to aggressive gases (accumulator room, boiler room) as well as places with intensive vibrations and places exposed to shocks (compressor rooms, heavy industrial operations) should be avoided. The system should be installed horizontally.

Installation of infrastructure in the building:

The system was designed for installation in a 19" rack and connection to the structured wiring infrastructure with termination at a CAT 3 or CAT 5 patch panel. If the infrastructure is already ready the switchboard installation site is usually given and can not be further changes. The interface must however be adjusted for the connection via RJ 45 8/8 plugs.

GSM signal quality:

If a GSM card is a part of your system (or will become later on), it is necessary to consider that the cable leading from the GSM card to the GSM antenna is usually 3m long (max. 10m). You should ensure that within this diameter from the selected system installation site a place with good GSM signal suitable for placement of the GSM antenna is available. *)

Theft protection:

While selecting the installation site the insurance company conditions should be regarded as well.


  • In the areas with very poor GSM signal level or high number of GSM gates the use of internal (takes the position of a line card) or external GSM splitter is advantageous.