2N® Net Speaker Quick Start

What you should know

  •  2N® IP Audio Manager requires administrator rights for installation.
  • The firewall may block the 2N® IP Audio Manager and also connection of the
  • 2N® Net Speaker units to the 2N® IP Audio Manager.
  • Virtual Network adapters may cause malfunction of some 2N® IP Audio Manager components.
  • 2N® IP Audio Manager allows you to use all features of this system for 800 hours, which is a trial licence. Without licences, you can use up to 5 2N Net Audio devices or 1 RTP destination.
  • Please contact your reseller to get an extended warranty.


  • From version 2.0 not supported downgrade to version 1.5

2N® Net Speaker Quick Start

2N Net Audio System consists of software application 2N® IP Audio Manager and number of end points (2N® Net Audio Decoder, 2N® Net Audio Decoder Lite, 2N® Net Audio Encoder, 2N® Net Mic and 2N® Net Speaker). 2N® Net Speaker can be ready for playing in a few minutes. The purpose of the Quick Start manual is to provide easy system installation for use in home or business environment. Just follow the quick steps below.

Box Contents

2N® Net  Speaker unit and this Quick Start manual. Refer to www.2n.cz for the latest 2N IP Audio System control and playing software version.


Installation Preparation

You need your 2N® Net Speaker unit, a 12 V / 2 A DC power supply or PoE switch, the UTP cable and a PC with Windows Vista or later or Windows Server for installation.

2N® Net Speaker in Network Environment


2N® IP Audio Manager installation and configuration:

  • Launch the 2N® IP Audio Manager installer on the PC used as a server.
  • The 2N IP Audio Configuration Wizard starts automatically after instalation is complete (see the figure below).


2N® IP Audio Configuration Wizard


  • Follow all the Configuration Wizard steps to configure your system.

2N® IP Audio Virtual Sound Card installation and configuration: 

  • Launch the 2N® IP Audio Virtual Sound Card installation wizard.
  • Start the 2N® IP Audio Virtual Sound Card, use the right mouse button to access the menu and log in using the username and password created by Configuration Wizard.

Login via 2N® IP Audio Virtual Sound Card


  • Now you can control 2N® Net Speaker in your network (see the figure below) and play music from your favourite player or service.

2N® Net Speaker Selection via 2N® IP Audio Virtual Sound Card Application


All the above mentioned steps should be sufficient for a successful 2N Net Audio System  setup in your LAN. In the case of troubles or for a more advanced setup please refer to the 2N Net Audio System  manual at manuals.2n.cz or the 2N® IP Audio Control Panel.

 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE a.s. hereby declares that this product complies with all basic requirements and other relevant provisions of the 1999/5/EC directive. For the full wording of the Declaration of Conformity see www.2n.cz.

 This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Its operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.