2N® Net Audio Encoder Quick Start

What you should know

  • 2N® Net Audio Encoder provides announcements to the Session with logic input if 2N® Net Audio Encoder is added to the Audio source for this Session.
  • We recommend you to use the power adapter supplied by 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE to make 2N® Net Audio Encoder work properly.
  • Please contact your reseller to get an extended warranty.


From version 2.0 not supported downgrade to version 1.5

2N® Net Audio Encoder Quick Start 

2N Net Audio System consists of software application 2N® IP Audio Manager and number of end points (2N® Net Audio Decoder,  2N® Net Audio Decoder Lite,  2N® Net Audio Encoder, 2N® Net Mic and 2N® Net Speaker).

Despite the gradual modernisation of audio systems to IP technology, customers are still encountering the need to connect an IP audio system to a traditional music sources such as FM radio stations, CD players or microphones. 
2N® Net Audio Encoder can transfer traditional audio sources to IP technology and then ensure audio distribution over an IP network to various destinations.

Installation Preparation

You need a 2N® Net Audio Encoder  unit, a power supply (12 V / 2 A DC) or PoE switch (Power over Ethernet switch), an Ethernet cable and a PC with the 2N® IP Audio Manager installation. Connect 2N® Net Audio Encoder to the LAN using PoE or a power adapter (12 V / 2 A DC).

2N® Net Audio Encoder Setting

How to configure 2N® Net Audio Encoder via the 2N® IP Audio Control Panel:

  • Launch the 2N® IP Audio Control Panel installer.
  • Launch the 2N® IP Audio Control Panel application. Now click Audio sources  Net Audio Encoder to display the 2N® Net Audio Encoder setting window.

Initial View of 2N® Net Audio Encoder


  • 2N® Net Audio Encoder provides announcements to the Session with logic input if 2N® Net Audio Encoder is added to the Audio source for this Session.

Logic input

To control the logic inputs are two options. The first option is that you are connecting to the input labeled + (galvanically isolated supply + 7 V) and the input labeled 1 (0 V). The second possibility is that the input will respond to voltage switches to the input labeled 1 (0 V) and GND.

Logic input can operate in both latching and momentary states.

When using a switch across the logic input, a stream can be activated by a brief ‘press and release’ to start followed by a ‘press and release’ to stop (latching). Alternatively, a constant press of a switch will activate the stream for the duration that the switch is pressed, stopping the stream upon release (momentary).

The steps above should be sufficient for the basic settings of 2N® Net Audio Encoder in your network. In the case of troubles or advanced feature requirements refer to the 2N® IP Audio Control Panel Manual or  wiki.2n.cz for more details.


 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE a.s. hereby declares that this product complies with all basic requirements and other relevant provisions of the 1999/5/EC directive. For the full wording of the Declaration of Conformity see www.2n.cz.