4.7 Intercom Function

ALARM – Intercom Calls

  1. Press the  ALARM button on any audio unit (except for the machine room audio unit set as the control centre) to start the process. Upon the press, 2N® Lift8 calls the pre-set machine room – control centre audio unit.
  2. Press  or  (for longer than 2 s) to answer an incoming call.
  3. When the call is answered by the operator, the 2N® Lift8 system announcement will be played.Then, voice connection with the calling audio unit is activated.
  4. Press 1 on the machine room audio unit keypad to confirm the received call manually. If Confirmation by pick-up (011–016=2) is configured, it is unnecessary to confirm the call with DTMF1 (refer to Tone Dialling Control during Call - Long Command List for details).
  5. The call is time-limited (by the "Caution, the call is ending” message), but can be prolonged using button 4.
  6. Press , 5 or # to terminate the call.


  • You cannot set up an alarm call to another control centre from the machine room audio unit that is configured as the control centre. The call is made to the audio unit that is the last to activate the alarm call. If no alarm call was activated on any audio unit, the machine room audio unit will not call any unit.
  • Press  on the control centre audio unit to set up a call to the audio unit that is the last to activate the ALARM function. Such a call is processed as TRIPHONY and can be terminated by pressing the TRIPHONY button on any of the two audio units or pressing and holding the  button for longer than 2 s on the machine audio unit.
  • If a call is set up to a non-existent machine room audio unit, the Alarm function will not be activated (valid for settings #9, #0). If more numbers than one are pre-programmed, the non-existent audio unit is skipped.

Number Setting for Machine Room – Control Centre Calls

Enter # before the shaft number to set the machine room number.
For example, 011 – #8 means that a call to the machine room audio unit in the shaft of lift 8 is set in ALARM button memory 1.

Setting options:

  1. Service Tool – enter  # and the shaft number into parameters 011–016. 

  2. Enter the programming mode via the voice menu (incoming call or machine room audio unit) and set the shaft number to the ALARM memory (011–016). Then choose parameter 017 (refer to the Table of Parameters) and add the required character (#) to one of the ALARM memories.


  • Configure the alarm-intercom connection for calls to the machine room audio unit of any shaft (1–8).
  • Identically, configure the machine room – control centre connection for ALARM set 2.
  • Make sure that the control centre audio unit is of the machine room type.
  • You can use confirmation mode 1 or 2 for calling to a machine room audio unit. With the other options (3–9), the call is processed as if 1 was selected.


  • It is possible to combine calling to the machine room (control centre) audio unit with calling via the PSTN, GSM, UMTS and VoIP networks (depending on the module used).
  • To set up a check call to a machine room audio unit, you can set the number as described in the Alarm – Intercom subsection above.