4.6 Four-Lift Version

4-Cabin Connection to Internal Splitter

Modify parameter 994 to allow up to 4 cabin audio units to be connected to the CU internal splitter as lifts 1–4. You can connect the machine room audio unit in this mode.

  • Set parameter 994 to 1.
  • Connect up to 4 cabin audio units.
  • Set each cabin audio unit to a different type (cabin roof, cabin, cabin bottom, shaft bottom) using the adjustable pins (see the audio unit cover printing).
  • Connect the machine room audio unit to the CU internal splitter if necessary.

Display of 4-Cabin Connection in Service Tool


  • Make sure that each audio unit is assigned a different type (cabin roof, cabin, cabin bottom, shaft bottom).


  • You can use a shaft audio unit instead of the cabin one.
  • Set the jumpers as follows: 1. shaft – cabin roof, 2. shaft – cabin, 3. shaft – cabin bottom, 4. shaft – shaft bottom.

Normal 8-Lift Connection

If you set parameter 994 to 0, you can connect up to 8 lift shafts and up to 5 audio units to each shaft (machine room, cabin roof, cabin, cabin bottom, shaft bottom).

8-Lift Configuration


  • Up to 7 audio units can be connected to one shaft in versions 2.0.0 and higher (two-cabin lifts).

Two-Cabin Lift Connection