4.1 User Instructions


The cabin audio unit is intended for an untrained user. Nevertheless, the instructions can be placed in the lift cabin, e.g., to help the people trapped in the lift communicate with the control centre.


Meaning of pictograms (icons)

  • The yellow Wait icon is illuminated while connection with the control centre is being set up.
  • The green icon lights up when connection has been set up and confirmed by the control centre.
  • The green icon lights up whenever TRIPHONY is in progress.
  • The blue icon does not shine, but marks the place where a signal is radiated during the call for people with defective hearing equipped with hearing aids.

Shaft, Cabin Roof

  • Press the ALARM button to call the control centre using the ALARM 2 numbers (parameters 021–026). If the parameter is not filled in, it calls the ALARM numbers (parameters 011–016) like the cabin.
  • Pressing the TRIPHONY button to call the other audio units in the same lift (shaft).
  • Hold the TRIPHONY button (for approximately 2 s) to retrieve the voice menu to call the other shafts via TRIPHONY.
  • Re-press the TRIPHONY button to terminate this connection.
  • The ALARM button is illuminated in the standby mode.
  • The ALARM button flashes when a calling is being set up.
  • The TRIPHONY button is not illuminated in the standby mode.
  • The TRIPHONY button flashes and the green LED indicator is illuminated if TRIPHONY is active between the lifts.
  • The yellow LED indicator is illuminated if connection is being made with the control centre.
  • The green LED indicator is illuminated if connection has been made and confirmed by the control centre.

Machine Room

Everything that refers to the shaft audio unit applies here too. Press  (for longer than 2 s) to display the machine room voice menu. You can use the HandsFree mode or connect a handset to achieve better acoustic properties.

Having entered the voice menu, you can select the following functions using the audio unit keypad.

Press 0 to dial the public telephone network
Enter lift number X to dial the lift
  • Press 1 to dial the lift cabin
  • Press 2 to dial the cabin roof
  • Press 3 to dial the lift cabin bottom
  • Press 4 to dial the shaft bottom
  • Press 5 to dial the machine room
  • Press 6 to dial the lift cabin 2
  • Press 7 to dial the cabin 2 roof
  • Press 8 to dial the lift cabin 2 bottom
  • Press #  to return to the main menu
Press 9 for administration
  • Press 1 to enter the programming menu
  • Press 2 to terminate the rescue process
  • Press 3 for communicator info 
  • Press 4 for IO module administration
  • Press # to return to the main menu
Press # to end the call


  • The 9 selection serves primarily for the L8 configuration – refer to S. 3 – Configuration.