2.16 Voice Alarm Station


The 2N® Voice Alarm Station extends the 2N® Lift8 Audio Unit Cabin Universal (918610E, 918610EX) with an audio unit installed on the cabin roof and under the cabin. It is a "audio panel switch" that interconnects the cabin audio unit with one or two cabin units.


Use "Press to call" to activate the device and set up a call to the number set in 2N® Lift8 (Set 1 – ALARM button memory – 011 to 016 or Set 2 – ALARM button memory – 021 to 026). Refer to the Mounting subsection for details.


  • The audio unit does not contain any call-setup indicating LED. The LED on the 2N® Lift8 Audio Unit Cabin Universal is illuminated to indicate call setup and confirmation. 
  • It is necessary to wait for approx. 30 s for call setup from another audio unit. The switch remembers the last alarm-calling audio unit and when alarm is generated from another audio unit within 30 s, the call is set up from the audio unit that was the last to make the alarm call.


Use the 4 screws to loosen and move downwards the cabin audio unit. Remove the cover, disconnect the speaker and (external) microphone. 

Connect the cable connectors included in the delivery to the microphone and speaker connectors on the cabin audio unit (the microphone and speaker connectors have different sizes and cannot be interchanged due to the audio unit cover pictograms). Connect a 16-pin connector with 2 wires to the service connector (13) on the cabin audio unit (see the figure below).


  • Make sure that the 16-pin connection is correct to avoid product damage.

Replace the audio unit cover, move it upwards and tighten the 4 screws.

The last cable wire enclosed is intended for ALARM button connection. Connect it to button 1 (to call Set 1 – ALARM button memory – 011 to 016) or button 2 (to call Set 2 – ALARM button memory – 021 to 026). Connect the wire to the upper terminal (when viewing the audio unit) of the ALARM connector, or ALARM 2 for contact control.


  • Do not connect the switch to voltage-controlled inputs to avoid damage.

Remove the cover from the switch. Interconnect the switch and the 2N® Lift8 Audio Unit Cabin Universal using the cable included in the delivery.

Connect the microphone and speaker from the 2N® Lift8 Audio Unit Cabin Universal in the switch. The speaker and microphone connectors are marked (SPK and MIC). Pull the cables through the holes.


  • In the case of a cable version of 2N® Lift8, an external microphone should be connected into the microphone input on the cable-switch. If you do not have a cable version, this input should be free.


Break out cable holes in the switch upper cover. Then replace the cover. There are 2 RJ-12 connectors on the switch side for audio unit connection. Interconnect the audio unit and the switch using the cable supplied.


Audio unit – Voice alarm station: 225 x 87 x 67 mm

Audio panel switch: 81 x 81 x 30 mm