11.2 Firmware Upgrade

Use the 2N® Service Tool to upgrade 2N® Lift8 including the CU and audio units connected.


  1. Start the 2N® Service Tool and connect the CU (USB, TCP).
  2. Select the Device – Upgrade menu.
  3. Select the required firmware version.
  4. Select the voice menu language version.
  5. Choose whether to keep the configuration or reset the parameters to the factory values (via the checkbox).
  6. Launch upgrade.
  7. First the new FW is loaded to the CU (the Service Tool will log out from the CU upon the load). Then the upgrading process starts: first the CU (the yellow SYSTEM LED is flashing, the audio units are disconnected) and then the audio units (first the red, yellow and green LEDs are shining – the audio unit is waiting for upgrade, then the yellow and green LEDs are flashing – the audio unit is being upgraded).
  8. Set date and time (Device > Date/Time setting).


  • You are recommended to factory reset the parameters to set new ranges and default values in the new FW version.


  • Back up your configuration, execute upgrade and factory default reset and upload the configuration into the device (new ranges and default values will be used in the new FW version). 
  • Check the device time after upgrade.

Splitter Upgrade from 1.x.x to 2.x.x

Set the splitters to odd addresses (lift/shaft number) for 1.x.x to 2.x.x upgrade as even addresses cannot be upgraded.

Example: First upgrade the odd address splitters. Then disconnect these spliters and change the even address splitters to odd ones. After upgrade, change the odd addresses back to even ones.