1.2 Components and Associated Products

2N® Lift8 System Components


  • The components of the 2N® Lift8 system cannot be used outside this system.
  • The audio units cannot be connected to a telephone line without the CU!
  • When shared by multiple shafts, the audio units cannot be connected without the CU and splitters.

918600 2N® Lift8 Central Unit

2N® Lift8 Central Unit


For connection of up to 8 lifts to a GSM/UMTS/PSTN line. Including a power EURO cable and rechargeable battery. USB interface for configuration. 

918620E 2N® Lift8 Splitter

2N® Lift8 Splitter


For CU – lift audio unit interconnection.

918610E 2N® Lift8 Audio Unit – COP

(Normal version)

2N® Lift8 Audio Unit – COP


Audio unit electronics for lift cabin building in. Including speaker and microphone (HandsFree). Connection terminals for all prescribed elements and door opening signal input (optional). 

918610EX 2N® Lift8 Audio Unit – COP – Cable Version

Contains LED, microphone and speaker connected to cables.

2N® Lift8 Audio Unit – COP – Cable Version


918611E 2N® Lift8 Audio Unit – Machine Room/Control Centre

2N® Lift8 Audio Unit – Machine Room/Control Centre


Audio unit for the machine room/control centre. Contains receiver (optional) and keypad for easy control. Makes it possible to communicate with other system audio units and configure the CU without a PC. Equipped with an external siren connector.  Can be shared by multiple lifts (shafts). Robust yellow cover. 

918612E 2N® Lift8 Audio Unit – Shaft

2N® Lift8 Audio Unit – Shaft


Audio unit for cabin roof and shaft or cabin bottom. Robust yellow cover. HandsFree mode, ALARM button and Triphony, LED indicators. Not intended for use in the cabin.

918613E 2N® Lift8 Audio Unit – Compact

2N® Lift8 Audio Unit – Compact


Robust, heavy-duty design. Standard-sized ALARM button including signage for the blind and backlit pictograms (hardened glass). Easy cabin wall mounting. Easy 2-wire connection. 

918615ZK 2N® Lift8 Audio Unit – Fireman (1 button)

918615E 2N® Lift8 Audio Unit – Fireman (knob + 1 push-to-talk button)

2N® Lift8 Audio Unit – Fireman


Used for fire fighting operations. Activates top priority calls.

918619E 2N® Lift8 Audio Unit – Fireman DPS (knob + 1 push-to-talk button)

2N® Lift8 Audio Unit – Fireman DPS


Used by fire fighting operations. Activates top priority calls. 


918617E 2N® Audio Unit – Shaft Antivandal

2N® Lift8 Audio Unit – Shaft Antivandal


A robust, highly resistant audio unit designed for installation on lift cabin roofs and shaft bottoms, under cabin floors and/or any other places that require communication, e.g. for lift maintenance purposes. This unit is designed for outdoor applications too.

918621E 2N® Lift8 I/O Module

2N® Lift8 I/O Module


Contains logical inputs and switch relays. 


918622 2N® Lift8 Camera Module

2N® Lift8 Camera Module


For camera connection (IP, RS232, RS485) to the lift cabin. Every cabin in each shaft can contain a camera module (up to 8 camera modules in 2N® Lift8).

918654E 2N® Lift8 RS232 Module

2N® Lift8 RS232 Module


The RS232 module connects the 2N®  Lift8 system with the lift control unit. The lift control unit transmits a command via RS232 to the Central Unit for processing and executing. 

918650E 2N® Lift8 GSM Module

2N® Lift8 GSM Module


For Central Unit connection via a mobile network. Optional data connection for remote system configuration.


918651E 2N® Lift8  UMTS Module

2N® Lift8 UMTS Module


For Central Unit connection via a mobile network. Optional data connection for remote system configuration. 


918652E 2N® Lift8 PSTN Module

2N® Lift8 PSTN Module


For Central Unit connection via an analogue line.


918653E 2N® Lift8 VoIP Module

2N® Lift8 VoIP Module


For Central Unit connection via a VoIP line. 

Cooperating 2N® Applications

918700E 2N® Lift8 Service Tool

2N® Lift8 Service Tool


The 2N® Lift8 Service Tool application is intended for remote supervision and configuration of the 2N® Lift8 communicators.


918700E 2N® Lift8 Control Panel

2N® Lift8 Control Panel


The 2N® Lift8 Control Panel application is intended for administration of users, lifts and authorisations. 


918700E 2N® Lift8 Communicator

2N® Lift8 Communicator


The 2N® Lift8 Communicator application is intended for receiving alarm calls by the dispatcher.


918700E 2N® Lift8 Server

2N® Lift8 Server


The 2N® Lift8 Server application processes check calls and mediates communication between the CUs and PC applications. 

Associated 2N® Products

918655E – 2N® Lift8 External Pictograms Driver

2N® Lift8 External Pictograms Driver

Transforms the  2N® Lift8 cabin LED outputs into universal pilot lamps.