1.1 Product Description

Basic Features

  • Up to 8-lift connectivity
  • Lift cabin, shaft and machine room voice audio units
  • Optimum acoustic properties
  • Rechargeable built-in backup battery
  • Easy control and configuration – voice response system
  • Check Call function
  • Lift blocking during connection failure
  • Internal communication – Triphony
  • Telephone/PC-based configuration (via USB or Internet)
  • USB interface
  • User message recording option
  • Local control centre (Intercom)
  • Fireman function

Basic Description

2N® Lift8 (L8) is a communication system with a function similar to an intercom. The system voice audio units are linked to a common bus (pair of wires), connected to a splitter. The splitter is always connected to a central unit (CU), which controls the system operation and provides connection with the control centre. It is possible to connect up to 40 audio units to the bus. The CU contains an internal splitter.

Each splitter is uniquely identified: by lift number 1 to 8. The audio units are connected to the splitters and located on the shaft bottom, in the cabin interior, on the cabin roof and in the machine room. The machine room audio unit can be shared by multiple lifts.

The CU contains an easily replaceable backup battery pack (lead rechargeable battery). The CU is responsible for battery charging and status monitoring. It indicates the charging state, signal strength, telephone line state, bus state core state via five colour LEDs. It is also equipped with a USB interface for comfortable configuration, voice message recording and software upgrade.

The CU can be connected via: GSM, UMTS, PSTN or VoIP.

2N® Lift8 meets the TÜV and CE certifications .   

System Diagram

Example of 2N® Lift8 Central Unit, Splitter and Audio Unit Connection


Main bus



Audio unit bus