5.2.1 Status

Device status screen:

  • Licence – licence state
    • State – Limited/Unlimited
    • Remaining – remaining time for a time-limited licence; unlimited licence reports No Limit
    • Licensed Features – refer to the licence key types below
    • Licence Key – currently used licence key
    • Upload Licence – display a licence key adding dialogue
  • Device – current information on the device
    • System – device name
    • Serial Number – device serial number
    • Total Uptime – total operation time since the first start
    • Uptime from restart – time since the last restart
    • OS Version – operating system version and type
    • Firmware Version – firmware version
    • Hardware Version – hardware version
    • Wi-Fi Capable – WiFi module availability info
    • NFC Capable – NFC reader availability info
    • Wi-Fi MAC – WiFi module MAC address
    • LAN MAC – Ethernet module MAC address
    • Temperature – current device temperature
  • Time – current data and time
  • Memory – RAM current state
    • RAM – information on installed, available and used RAM
    • Internal Storage – information on total and free internal memory capacity
    • Cache – information on total and free cache memory capacity

Licence key types:

  • APP – third party application download
  • LAUNCHER – 2N® Indoor Touch launcher – Android launcher switching
  • ROOT – option to use Superuser rights on installed applications
  • HTTPAPI – 2N® Indoor Touch control via API
  • MEET  provides the MeetingRoomApp functionality (http://www.meetingroomapp.com). This application is designed for meeting room reservations.


  • The original licence key will be overwritten! Be sure to enter the valid licence key obtained from your supplier!


  • The APP licence unlocks 2N® Indoor Touch for recording of user applications from a microSD (SDHC) card (up to 16 GB). 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE a.s. does not guarantee functionality and stability of user applications or correct function of pre-installed applications in device after user applications are installed. Should there be problems, remove your own applications or reset the device to factory values. Factory reset restores the original state of device, i.e. the state without user applications and settings.
  • The ROOT licence helps you run third party applications with Superuser rights. Some third party applications with Superuser rights, however, may cause system instability and, in extreme cases, damage the device hardware. Therefore, using the ROOT licence is always at the user's own risk and leads to a loss of 2N® IndoorTouch warranty.
  • The MEET licence helps you activate the MeetingRoomApp in the device launcher configuration. This activation completely deactivates the 2N® IndoorTouch intercom function and replaces the default launcher. Use the HW factory reset button to recover the original function (Subs. 3.1 Factory Reset).