1. Product Overview

Here is what you can find in this section:

Basic Features

2N® IP Verso is an elegant and reliable intercom equipped with lots of useful functions. Thanks to SIP support and compatibility with major brands of PBX manufacturers, it can benefit from using VoIP networks. 2N® IP Verso can be used as a door or special purpose intercom for office buildings, residential areas and other applications.

2N® IP Verso is a modular system: the user determines its configuration according to the needs of the particular installation. Unlike other intercoms, 
2N® IP Verso is not delivered as a compact unit. After choosing the installation mode and particular modules, the user gets separate parts to be assembled using the plug&play connections. This approach allows for unique individual combinations and also leaves space for adding of additional modules later on.

Wide angle HD camera – allows the tenant to see the calling person on his or her videophone or PC screen in high resolution. The camera itself is hidden behind a darkened glass, so it is not visible. The intercom is equipped with night vision, which automatically selects the night/day mode according to light.

Quick dial buttons – there are 146 quick dial buttons in total in multiple button modules. For each button, up to three separate phone numbers plus substitute users can be defined, which ensures that the called user is reached whenever needed. The buttons are backlit with a clear mechanical response. The nametag surface is scratch resistant.

Keypad – is a keypad module that allows the user to use the intercom as a code lock and dial a phone number or phonebook position of the called user.

RFID card reader – the card reader module brings the access control functionality according to the RFID card or keyfob. With the advanced features, other functions can be RFID card controlled too.

Electric lock control – as part of the access system, the electrical lock can be controlled by a code entered on the keypad or the called phone, with the RFID card, via a PC application, etc. When necessary, more electrical outputs can be added. Numerous parameters allow for a wide spectrum of applications.

Robustness – 2N® IP Verso is designed as a vandal resistant intercom, which withstands mechanical or weather conditions with no need to purchase extra accessories.

Audio quality –  using the automatic echo cancelling system, full duplex communication is available at any time.

The installation of 2N® IP Verso is very easy, all you have to do is assemble the required parts and modules and attach the network cable. The modules are plug&play, so there is no need to configure them manually. The intercom can be supplied from a 12 V DC power source, or using a PoE switch.

Use your PC with any internet browser to configure 2N® IP Verso or apply the 2N® Access Commander to configure extensive installations of multiple intercoms.

Advantages of Use

  • Elegant design
  • Weather resistant
  • Various modes of installation (flush, surface, plasterboard)
  • Sensitive microphone and loud speaker
  • Both-way audio communication – acoustic echo cancellation
  • Integrated colour HD camera with wide-angle lense and hidden night vision
  • Selectable number of quick dial buttons with nametags and backlight
  • Optional numeric keypad with backlight
  • Option to have multiple modules of the same kind – for example, card reader for both entering and leaving the building
  • Integrated switches of electric locks with wide setting options
  • Optional integrated RFID card reader module
  • PoE or 12 V DC power supply
  • Configuration using web interface or dedicated PC application
  • VoIP standard SIP 2.0 support
  • 10 000 Phone Book positions
  • 20 user time profiles
  • Video codecs (H.263, H.263+, H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG)
  • Audio codecs (G.711, G.729, G.722, L16/16kHz)
  • HTTP server for configuration 
  • SNTP client for time synchronisation
  • RTSP server for audio and video streaming, ONVIF compatible
  • SMTP client for email sending, Picture to Email feature
  • TFTP/HTTP client for automated firmware and configuration upgrade and update