3.2 Maintenance


If used frequenly, the device surface gets dirty. To clean it, use a piece of soft cloth moistened with clean water. We recommend you to follow these principles while cleaning:

  • Never use aggressive detergents (such as abrasives or strong disinfectants).
  • Alcohol-based cleaners may be applied.
  • Clean the device in dry weather in order to make waste water evaporate quickly.
  • We recommend using cleaning wipes designed for IT / electronic items.


  • The 2N® IP Safety models of Part Nos. 9152101W, 9152102W and 9152101MW may be cleaned with WAP high pressure washers.

Future Programming Changes

For necessary steps refer to the preceding subsections. Keep the following for future changes:

  • This manual


  • Always use the product for the purpose it was designed and manufactured for, in compliance herewith.
  • The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the product in order to improve its qualities.
  • 2N® IP Safety contains no environmentally harmful components. When the product's service life is exhausted and you would like to dispose of it please do so in accordance with applicable legal regulations.