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Dedicated to video surveillance, CamTrace software is easy to install and use. Very stable, multi-site and multi-server, it can handle an unlimited number of cameras. Urban sites, museums, banks, shops, airports, industrial sites : our products are suitable for all types of video surveillance. Operating in more than 15 countries with more than 8,000 sites, and managing nearly 100,000 cameras around the world, CamTrace is used on ultra sensitive sites requiring a seamless system. The CamTrace solution incorporates a 64-bit operating system optimized for video surveillance.

Version 7

Tested Functions

Genetec Security Center 2N IP Intercom Version Scan device Video from 2N IP Intercom Audio from 2N IP Intercom Audio to 2N IP Intercom Switch control Events from 2N IP Intercom (tick) (tick) N/S N/S (tick) N/S

2N IP Intercom Settings

  Requirements for 2N IP Intercom

Enable parameter RTSP Server Enabled in menu Services / Streaming.

Enable Onvif and set authorisation data in menu Services / Onvif.
If you want to use function "Switch control" you have to set http api. In the menu Service - HTTP API set "Switch API" - CONNECTION TYPE to Unsecure and AUTHENTICATION to Basic.
Now set User Privileges in menu Service - HTTP API - Account 1. Set your username/password and allow switch acces.

Tested Features

  Scan Device

Start the CamTrace and connect to your server. This opens the Server Configuration admin dialog in web browser. Set Username, Password and click login. In the Manage menu click the System.

In the menu System - Create model click the Detect. After few seconds CamTrace  searchs all devices in your network.  Select the cameras you want to add to the CamTrace click check box and add the device.
This opens dialog menu for ONVIF username, password. Fill username and password and confirm your credentials.
In menu System - Add camera click check box of your camera and click Add.

  Video from 2N IP Intercom

In the Symphony Client select one of the layouts - Cells Zone and drag and drop your camera

  Switch control
In the CamTrace server enter menu Manage - Controls.


In the menu Control click to Add a control (URL set) and set your http command with credentials for switch control. - http://admin:2n@ip_address_intercom/api/switch/ctrl?switch=1&action=on


Now you can go to the CamTrace client, open Commands Menu and click to your added command.

Used Symbols

(tick) - Compatible

(warning) - Work with limitation

(error) - Incompatible