Version 2020-05-21

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HelloDoor Intercom provides you with an Intercom and a service that will connect it to your own Microsoft Teams environment.

Pushing a button on the Intercom will result in a call to one or more predefined Teams users. This receiving Teams user can speak to the visitor that is standing in front of the Intercom (two-way audio). The receiving user can also remotely open the door for the visitor.


Version 2020-05-21

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  Basic Settings

This guide describes basic steps for configuration of connection between 2N IP Intercom and Microsoft Teams via HelloDoor gateway.

SIP configuration

The SIP credentials are provided by HelloDoor. In the Advanced Settings change SIP Transport Protocol to TCP and optionally, according to your network set up configure External IP Address and your network routing.


User configuration

The dialed number is provided by HelloDoor.

Button configuration

Assign the configured user to the button.

  TLS and SRTP Configuration

This guide describes basic steps for connection between 2N IP Intercom and Microsoft Teams via HelloDoor gateway via SIP TLS and SRTP.


  •  Enhanced Security license is required.

SIP configuration

Change following parameters

  Microsoft Teams functionality

Incoming call is notified by a pop up window.

When the call is answered, two way voice call is established.
During the call, the door can be unlocked by entering the code on a keypad.

Used Symbols

(tick) - Verified with video

(warning) - Work with limitation

N/S - Not supported

(error) - Incompatible