About company

Flowbox develops and implements solutions for complex real-time measurement and automatic control of technology in buildings / production halls / residential complexes, with the goal not only to reduce energy costs, but also to cover predictive maintenance, the efficiency of connected technologies, and prevent accidents in operation.


Integration with 2N products

Integration of 2N devices with Flowbox allows you to link access elements with other building technologies. The result is one user-friendly and intuitive user interface for residents, operations managers or administrators. The integration enables some basic features like control of door drives, door locks and also more advanced features like control of ventilation, heating, lighting, windows, shielding techniques according to authorization, occurrence or movement of persons.

Supported features

  • Video from intercom to Flowbox
  • Calls from intercom
  • Door control
  • Automatic scene set up in a room after identity verification
  • Connection to IDS: Arming/ disarming of buildings via intercom
  • Door, gate, barrier monitoring
  • People counting in building zones
  • Pre-defining of profiles/scenes based on identified persons

Supported versions:

  • 2N IP Intercoms and readers with firmware 2.25 and higher
  • 2N® Access Commander version 1.11 and higher


  • Needs to be consulted