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Ela-soft is 26 year old company , part of GU group. In Germany we are manufacturer and integrator, more than 100 people on board, in SDK native develop we have 25 high level developer. GEMOS adv. PSIM is open PSIM, web based. We attend small size projects for 200 data points with GEMOS light and large scale for more than 500.000 data points. Ela-soft build wold largest PSIM by European Central Bank in Frankfurt (5 Tower with over 520.000 data points).

Tested features

2N IP Intercom Version Driver SIP Settings Switch control Events from 2N IP Intercom
2.17 and higher 1.3 (tick) (tick) (tick)

Documents / manuals

2N Intercoms Driver.pdf

Used Symbols

(tick) - Interoperable

(warning) - Work with limitation

(error) - Incompatible