Easydom Home Automation System & 2N IP intercoms

Description and objectives

Thanks to Easydom system's high flexibility, it's possible to integrate the most innovative and well-known brands' products and one of these is 2N IP Intercom.
Easydom partners include the leaders of audio/video, lightning, security, air-conditioning sectors and many other devices that can be connected to the system. All partners of integrated products have the best interaction with Easydom home automation system, giving a high-quality performance to the final Customer.


Since its beginning, Easydom has developed a complete home automation system with a user interface accessible by everybody. For the users, the best guarantee it's that all the company investments and professional efforts are exclusively aimed at the products and integrations development and improvement. This is the reason why customers and technological partner choose Easydom every day.

Product name Model FW
Easydom HoMe

2N IP Intercom HW & SW

All 2N IP intercom portfolio can be used. It is preferable to use models with camera.

Model Description FW
2N® IP Solo A compact IP intercom that would be a great addition to your smart home entrance. Despite that it has only one fitted button, it can astonish by a hidden HD camera, multiple functionalities including calls to your smart phone, and easy integration into an existing home automation system. Available also in black.
2N® IP Verso The 2N® IP Verso security intercom is configurable to your needs thanks to its modularity. It provides reliable access control and allows you to easily interface with other systems, achieving even higher site security. Now also in black, with a fingerprint reader, Bluetooth module, or touch display..
2N® IP Force 2N® IP Force is an extremely durable IP intercom that can withstand even the most demanding conditions. It provides for visitor communication monitoring and access control. Take advantage of its superior features for maximum site security.
2N® IP Base 2N® IP Base is a compact IP intercom with a simple and fast installation. It is fitted out with one or two buttons and brings high quality audio and video. The intercom is designed especially for smaller scale installations.






The proposed integration allows:
1) when the button of the intercom is pressed, receive the preview of the image on the Touch Panel;
2) after pickup, on the Touch Panel, establish a two-way audio communication and visualize the video

3) control the opening of the door during the call;
4) view the video of the intercom, in absence of call, on the internal Touch Panel;

Type of Integration

Pre-view Audio + Video
Door lock control during a call Show video from indoor answering unit without active call Activation of video call from internal answering unit
Snapshot HTTP SIP DTMF Snapshot HTTP SIP

Direct call

2N IP intercom configuration with Easydom HoMe

To add a 2N video door phone to Easydom HoMe you need to perform a part of the configuration inside Easydom HoMe and a part in the 2N configuration software.

1 – Open Easydom HoMe and click the three lines on the lower left.

2 – Access the Configurations menu by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom left

3 – Once inside the menu select the " Applications" item.

4 – Click on the "2N Mobile Video" icon.


5 – Click at the top left on " Add a device"
6 – If the device is not automatically recognized, click on the " Can’t find the device? Click here"
7 – So let's get to the 2N IP configuration page. Fill out the form on the page remembering that the IP address required is that of the video door entry unit and that the Switch Code must have an asterisk (*) as the last character.

NB: take note of the Switch Code because it will be useful later in the configuration.

8 – Once the form has been filled in, click " Save" to return to the "Videophone" page

9 - Exit then from the "Configurations". Easydom HoMe asks you to save the changes made, click "YES" and the system will restart automatically.


Assign a fixed IP address to the PC where Easydom is configured as a VOIP server.

We also advise you to set a fixed IP address also for the video door entry unit.

Now switch to the configuration of the video door entry unit in the 2N software.

10 – Open the browser and type the IP address of your video door phone in the URL bar.

11 – In the "Directory" section in the "Users" tab enter the phone number as follows:

sip: 2N IP address @ Easydom HoMe IP address: 5061

(ex: sip:

12 – Click "Save" at the bottom right

13 – Go to the " Service" section look for the " HTTP API" tab and in the Camera API entry select in the two curtains " Unsecure (TCP)" and " None". This step serves to enable video streaming and use 2N as a camera even outside the call.

14 – Click "Salva" at the bottom right

15 – Go to the " Service" section on the "Phone" tab and look for the " Audio" section at the top of the sub-menus.

16 – In the "Audio Codecs" section, check the item PCMA and set it as Priority "1 (Highest)".

17 – Click "Save" at the bottom right.

18 – Go to the " Hardware" section in the " Switches" tab enter in the CODE box the Switch Code you entered in step 7 of this configuration.

19 – Click "Save" at the bottom right

At this point the configuration is finished and you can use your 2N video door phone in Easydom HoMe.