Domotica Labs

About company

Domotica Labs develops supervision and control solutions, IOT devices and cloud applications for the management of intelligent buildings and systems. The goal of the solution is to improve the comfort, safety and energy saving of buildings by allowing constant monitoring of every technological system inside it, both locally and remotely, through any device.

Solutions are based on the KNX protocol, the world standard for home & building automation, recognized worldwide as a normative reference for building automation. Since 2006 they are members of KNX ITALIA and since 2010 of KNX ASSOCIATION.


Integration with 2N products

The integration between the two systems enables using either the Domotica Labs indoor unit devices (Touchzone Imago) or the APPs Imago intercom, Divus videophone 4, for home automation supervision and as answering unit of the 2N IP video intercoms; through a simple and clear interface with hands-free functions it is possible answer the call from the intercoms, make the pre-view and open the door.

Supported features

The proposed integration allows:

  • Video Preview – before active call
  • Access to intercom´s camera view
  • Audio and Video calls
  • Activate a video call from the internal answering unit towards the intercom
  • Door Control: only during an active call

Types of integration




Control opening of the door during a call from internal device

Show video from internal answering unit without active call

Activation of video call from internal answering unit

Control of the door without active call

events, status, commands

Snapshot http

Audio + Video via SIP


Snapshot HTTP




Supported products and Versions

Product name



HA Server

IKON Server


Indoor Unit

Touchzone Imago


APP for Indoor Unit

Imago intercom


APP for Indoor Unit

Divus videophone 4





 2N IP family

2N IP intercoms


The connection between the Intercom and the Domotica Labs home automation system is based on CAT.6 UDP LAN network cable. The power is supplied to the intercom via a 12Vdc power supply or via PoE.

  Configuration of 2N IP Intercom

1)    Define the user to call; in the example extension n. 200.

2)     Register the intercom on the SIP server of Domotica Labs server; in the example intercom is registered as extension n.900 on the IP address
4)    Define the lock code, to open the door.
5)    Enable the camera http API (Unsecure, None).

  Configuration of Domotica Labs Home Automation system

6)    Activate on Ikon server the VOIP license.



In the VoIP settings enter the data of the server.

In the Address Book, based on which DTMF tone you use, choose:
2N if the default 00 value for switch1 and the default 11 value for switch2 are used
Manual Configuration if a custom DTMF is used

Depending on the type chosen, to configure the camera:
Configuration with 2N
Choose from the drop-down menu Use camera of the selected intercom, then enter the IP address of the interphone and the credentials
Configuration with Manual configuration
Choose JPEG video stream and then entering the HTTP string.

Example of incoming call

Ikon configuration Manual

Video tutorial Touch configuration: