On this page we will go through connecting 2N IP Intercom with the Home Automation system Control 4. We will be able to provide video call between 2N IP Intercom and Control 4 7'' dock tablet and managed the door lock connected to the intercom. 2N IP Intercom is able to send video via MJPEG codec without any special license. If you want to use H264 codec you will need Enhanced Video license and enable RTSP server in 2N IP Intercom. You will also need Enhanced Integration license for door opening. Control 4 will open the door via HTTP command. 



  • 2N® IP Force
  • Control 4 Controller
  • Control 4 7'' dock tablet


  • Composer 2.8.2


  Adding to Composer

To add 2N IP Intercom device go to Items Panel ang Search menu. There search for 2N IP Intercom.

Add 2N® IP Verso Camera and 2N IP Intercom  by double clicking on it.
In next step in Connections / Network double click on Camera  and specify IP address of the 2N IP Intercom. In next picture the address is The same procedure should be applied to the 2N IP Intercom.

  SIP setting

To communicate over SIP, the Communication agent must be added first. In Section Agents click on "Add..." and chose Communication in Avaiable Agents Pop-up window and confirm by OK.

In Communication Agent create new group, for example group "1234" and confirm by OK.
And add devices from Avaiable devices to Devices in Group by "Add >>" button. These should be devices you wish to call on from 2N IP Intercom.
Go to System Design and save your Group in a Pop-up window.
In next step add extension number and password to 2N IP Intercom in System Design / 2N IP Intercom. Change username and password, in following example it is changed to 111 and 111.
To enable 2N IP Intercom in Communication Agent you need to go to Actions in Advanced Properties panel and click on Idle State. And then File / Refresh Navigators and then File / Validate Project.
Now settings on the side of 2N IP Intercom are needed. Go to Services / Phone / SIP settings and and set :

  • Phone Number (ID) and Authentication ID to Username set in Control 4 Composer
  • Password to Password set in Control 4 Composer
  • Domain, Proxy Address and Registrar Address to IP Address of your Control 4 controler. (It can be found in 2N IP Intercom / Sip Information and IP Address)

Next go to Services / Phone  / Calls and change Incoming Call for appropriate SIP account from Always Busy to Automatic.
Now go to Directory / Users Set name and Phone number of a Group you created n Control 4 Composer. In following picture there is Name Control 4. Phone number is a group created in Control 4 composer, is IP address of Control4 controller and /2 stands for second SIP account in Control 4 composer.

The Phone number should look like : sip:[Control4 Group]@[IP address of controller]/[SIP Account].

In last step go to Hardware / Buttons and assign the User Created in Directory to button on your 2N IP Intercom.

  Video Settings

To enable Video during calls go to Control 4 Composer, find 2N IP Intercom and assign Alternate Camera previously added as 2N® IP Verso Camera. To do this enable "Use Alternative Camera" and choose camer that corresponds to 2N® IP Verso Camera.

I next step File / Refresh Navigators and File / Validate Project.

  Lock manipulation

 At first it is needed to add driver for Lock, add Motorization / Door Lock from Items / MyDrivers.

Next to 2N IP Intercom settings and in properties add Custom button1 and name it, in following it is named "Open the Door".
In Connections choose Door Lock added in previous step and chose Relay in Control Inputs. I next step drag and drop this relay on 2N IP Intercom relay1 output in lower part of the screen.
To add functionality to Custom button go to Programming in first Chose 2N IP Intercom for device Events. In 2N IP Intercom Events change "Key1 Pressed" to "UI Button One Pressed".
In Actions Panel choose Door Lock and in command below choose Unlock the Door Lock. And double click on Arrow Icon aboce commands to add this command.
Next choose in Actions Programming Control and add Delay 5s command to the Script by double clicking on arrow icon.
At the end choose again Actions on Door Lock and add Lock the door and add to the script by doublick click on green arrow.
I next step File / Refresh Navigators and File / Validate Project.

To enable Lock control on 2N IP Intercom device go to the configuration of 2N IP Intercom and Services / HTTP API and change Switch API, I/O API and Camera API to Unsecure ad authentication to None.