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Issabel 4

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Issabel™ is a free and open source software that allows you to build communication tools for businesses.

Issabel Powered By Asterisk

  • Issabel is a Free Open Source Software that Unifies your comunications in a single plataform, it’s based on Asterisk (Digium the Asterisk Company) we integrate PBX, mailing and collaborating task, we also integrate a database server.

    One of our goals it’s to make the plataform evolve into anything it may be needed for, doesn’t matter the propose.

Issabel 4

Tested with

Issabel Asterisk 2N IP Intercom Registration Calls audio/video Secure RTP (SRTP) Door open Transfer Video preview
4 13.22.0 (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick) (error)


PBX configuration

Configuration of SIP PBX can be done through web interface.

  Video enable

Enable the direct access so choose the Security tab.

Select 'ON' in "Enable direct access (Non-embedded) to FreePBX: ".then If you need to change DB
Password and click on the save.


Choose the PBX option on the left pane of the dashboard and choose Unembeded IssabelPBX.


FreePBX administration page will appear & Then choose the 'Tools → Asterisk SIP Setting'.

Add the default codecs for video support and configure the extensions to support video.

After completing the configuration click on the submit changes and apply config.

  2N IP Intercom Extension and Door open by DTMF

To create new Extension for 2N IP Intercom Devices, go to 'PBX → PBX Configuration' menu, chose "Generic SIP Device" and click 'Submit'.


Fill the phone number and name you prefer, fill in also the 'secret', which is the password for registration. "dtmfmode" and "transport" chose according your infrastructure needs and corresponding to 2N IP Intercom settings. Click the button 'Submit' and 'Apply Config'.

  Enabling TCP

To enable accepting TCP communication open menu 'PBX → Asterisk File Editor' and open the file "sip.conf".

Into 'General' section add these lines:



Then 'Save' the file and 'Reload Asterisk'.

  SRTP setting

To force SRTP communication with 2N IP Intercom switch the option 'encription' with "Yes (SRTP only)". Find it in menu 'PBX' → 'PBX Configuration' and click on existing Extension. Then you click on 'Submit' and Apply Config'.

2N IP intercom configuration

  Basic Configuration

 Following the settings on PBX, username and password should be filled in on 2N IP intercom, with IP address of Issabel server in to Domain,Proxy and Registrar fields.

  SRTP settings

In Advanced Settings it is you can enable Recieving and Transmitting SRTP calls.

Required licenses

  • Enhanced Security for SRTP and SIP over TLS

Used Symbols

(tick) - Verified with video

(warning) - Work with limitation

(error) - Incompatible