7. IP Cameras


IP Cameras

Technical Specifications

Used Symbols


IP Camery

IP kamery testované pro funkci externí IP kamery:

Logo Společnost Testované IP kamery Testované verze Interoperabilita
ACTi E42 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC (tick)
ACTi E919 A1D-500-V6.11.31-A (tick)
AVTECH AVM-5xx series   (tick)


Universal Settings   (tick)
P1204   (tick)

M1034-W   (tick)
M1054-W   (tick)
M1145-L (tick)
M2014-E   (tick)
M3004-V   (tick)


Bosch FLEXIDOME IP micro 2000 HD 5.90.0112 (12510590) (tick)
Bosch IP micro 2000 HD 5.80 B 73 (73500580) (error) / ?
FLEXIDOME IP micro 5000   (error) / ?
Cisco PVC2300   (tick)
Dahua IPC-HFW2300R-Z   (error)
IPC-HDBW2320R-ZS 2.400.0000.30.R (error)
Dahua IPC-HDBW2431R-ZS/VFS 2.622.0000000.23.R (tick)
D-Link D-Link DCS-930LB 2.12.01 (error)
Dinox DDR-3310 V5.1.0 build 140521 (tick)

FLIR Thermal Bullet 90 T4390BT 2.420.0001.1.R (tick)
PE133E (error)
Grandstream GXV3610HD (tick)
GXV3672FHD (tick)
GXV3674HD (tick)
Hikvision DS-2CD2125FWD-I V5.5.3 build 171018 (tick)
DS-2CD2512F-I   (error)
DS-2CD2620F-I   (tick)
DS-2CD2020F-I   (tick)
DS-2CD2112F-I   (tick)
DS-2CD2720FIZ28   (error)
Indigovision BX series   (tick)
Milesight MS-C3582   (tick)
Samsung WiseNet 3   (tick)
WiseNet Lite   (tick)
QND-6010R 1.00_160702 (tick)
SND-L6013P 1.01_150918 (tick)


Sony SNC-CX600W   (tick)




Technical Specifications

Technical specifications for the video stream received from IP cameras.

H.264 Decoder Specification

  • Video Resolution: 640x480
  • Video Bitrate: max 2048 kbit/s
  • Up to level 3.0 features of the baseline profile (BP)
  • Progressive frame type picture decoding
  • Multiple slices and multiple reference frames
  • CAVLC decoding
  • Intra-prediction and inter-prediction modes
  • Up to 16 MV per MB
  • Frame size being non-multiples of 16 through frame cropping
  • Frame width of the range 32 to 720 pixels
  • Byte-stream syntax and NAL unit format for the input bit stream
  • Long term reference frames
  • Gaps in the frame_num
  • Decoding of streams with IPCM coded macroblocks
  • Skipping of non-reference pictures

 MJPEG Decoder Specification

  • Video Resolution: 640x480 (Max 800x600, Resolution over 640x480 is reduced to half - 800x600 -> 400x300 etc.)
  • Quality factor: 50 - 80 (Max 95 - bitrate aprox. 5 Mbit/s)
  • RFC 2435, part Q Field >=128 only
  • Baseline sequential mode with both interleaved and non-interleaved input format
  • Progressive mode
  • YUV 444, YUV 422, YUV 420, YUV 411, and Gray scale colour sub-sampling formats
  • YUV 422 with sampling format ((1,2), (1, 1),(1,1)) for baseline sequential mode with interleaved input format supported, baseline sequential mode with non interleaved input format
  • Maximum of three components
  • Maximum of three quantisation tables
  • Maximum of four Huffman tables each for AC and DC DCT coefficients
  • Arbitrary image size for both sequential and progressive JPEG images
  • 8-bit and 16-bit quantisation tables
  • Source images of 12-bits per sample NOT SUPPORTED

Used Symbols

(tick) - Compatible

(warning) - Work with limitation

(error) - Incompatible