2.3 Mounting

External Antenna Connection

Screw the antenna enclosed into the SMA antenna connector.


  • Tighten the antenna connector gently with your hand – never use wrenches!


  • The antenna without cable has a sufficient gain for trouble-free operation in normal conditions. If the GSM signal is poor or you want to place your antenna separately from EasyGate , you can use an antenna with an SMA-connector terminated cable. The antenna should be mounted vertically.
  • The Antenna shall be located within the same building as the main equipment.
  • For antenna parameters see the "Technical Parameters".

SIM Card Installation

Slot for SIM card is placed on the connector panel. Insert the SIM card to the slot with contacts oriented to the front panel with LED. Make sure that the card is locked properly.


  • Make sure that the GSM provider's SIM card is compatible with the GSM network supported by your EasyGate version.
  • Operator services and SIM card services, such as preferred networks, SMS service centre, PIN protection etc. must be set in your mobile phone before inserting your SIM card into EasyGate.

Power Supply Connection

EasyGate is fed with 10–16 V DC. Where a source other than the included power supply adapter is used, the voltage range and polarity have to be maintained. See technical parameters.

EasyGate with battery option allows to support functionality in case of power failure. For backup use four pieces of accumulators NiMh size AA. These accumulators are not part of delivery. Put the accumulators to the battery holder on the bottom side under the cover prior to installation. Polarity of accumulators is marked inside of the battery space.


  • Do not activate the power supply until the antenna is connected to EasyGate to avoid the GSM module damage.
  • For backup use only suggested type of accumulators NiMh size AA. Only this type of storage batteries is permitted for use! When another type of batteries is used, there is a danger of damage of device or even explosion!
  • The battery should never be placed in municipal waste. Please check local regulations for disposal of batteries.