2.2 Before You Start

Product Completeness Check

Check the product for completeness before installation please:

  • 1x 2N® EasyGate PRO
  • 1x Antenna for direct connection 1)
  • 1x Magnetic Antenna with coax cable 1)

  • 1x Supply adapter
  • 1x Telephone Cable
  • 1x PC-connection USB cable
  • 1x SMS sending input connector
  • 2x Dowel
  • 2x Bolt
  • 1x Quick Installation Guide
  • 1x CD-ROM with User Manual and software 2)


  • 1) Antenas: The delivery includes an antenna to be connected directly to the EasyGate SMA connector and an antenna with a cable. The antenna with a cable should be used when GSM (UMTS) signal is poor, in case of interference with other devices or when poor quality of voice appears. You have to find the best place for the antenna.
  • 2) Enclosed software and manuals: 
    – Software for gateway configuration and upgrade PCManager UNI
    Simple SMS program for SMS sending and receiving
    EasyGate Drivers for PC allowing data connection to internet
    User Manual and QuickStart in format PDF
    Lists of AT Commands
  • For some types of Easy Gate can by the accessory modified according customers demand.

Installation requirements

  • EasyGate is designed for vertical mounting on suspension holes. This position is the best for signal reception when the antenna without cable is used. EasyGate can be operated in the horizontal position too where the GSM (UMTS) signal is good or when the antenna with cable is used.
  • Install EasyGate with respect to the GSM signal strength – check the signal strength using the PCManager or LED indicator.
  • Place EasyGate out of range of sensitive devices and human bodies for electromagnetic interference reasons.
  • For the allowed range of operating temperatures refer to the "Technical Parameters".
  • It is impossible to operate EasyGate on sites exposed to direct solar radiation or near heat sources.
  • EasyGate is designed for indoor use. It may not be exposed to rain, flowing water, condensed moisture, fog, etc.
  • EasyGate may not be exposed to aggressive gas, acid vapours, solvents, etc.
  • EasyGate is not designed for environments with high vibrations such as means of transport, machine rooms, etc .


  • Check that you have everything needed for EasyGate start-up (SIM card, analogue phone set or FXO port of PBX, eventually PC etc.)