1.1 Product Description

Basic Features

  • The primary purpose of EasyGate is to transmit voice between a GSM network and an attached FXO-interface terminal (PBX, telephone, answering machine, etc.).
  • You can establish data connections (GPRS, CSD) and send/receive SMS using EasyGate in combination with a PC and appropriate software.
  • You can send an SMS to a pre-programmed number using the SMS sending input.
  • Analogue fax transmition on some models.
  • Version of EasyGate with Battery backup allows the function in case of power failure.

Advantages of EasyGate use

  • Call cost cutting – by forwarding GSM calls to EasyGate you save a lot on PSTN – mobile network calls.
  • Easy installation – EasyGate is designed for immediate use without programming.
  • You get all you need in the delivery – your EasyGate delivery contains all you need to operate the system (the power supply adapter, telephone cable, PC USB cable, SMS input connector, CD-ROM with software).
  • Solution for sites without telephone lines – such as mountain chalets, exhibitions, conferences, etc.
  • CLIP – EasyGate is equipped with the FSK-based CLIP feature, so if a terminal capable of receiving the CLIP is used you know the caller's number.
  • Data connection – EasyGate UMTS version allows connection to internet using HSPA connection (download up to 3,6 Mbps with SIM5320 or 14,4 Mbps with PHS8-P). EasyGate GSM version supports GPRS connection (GPRS class 10, max. 85.6 kbps).
  • SMS sending input – simply send an SMS to a pre-programmed number by closing the contact. Recommended for easy supervision, simple securing, etc.
  • Radiation hazard minimization – you are not exposed to a direct effect of the antenna RF electromagnetic field while telephoning as opposed to mobile telephones.

Safety Precautions

 Do not switch on EasyGate in the vicinity of medical apparatuses to avoid interference. The minimum distance of the antenna and pacemakers should be 0.5m. 

 Do not switch on EasyGate aboard of a plane. 

 Do not switch on EasyGate near petrol stations, chemical facilities or sites where explosives are used. 

 Any mobile telephone use prohibition based on RF energy radiation applies to EasyGate too. 

 EasyGate may disturb the function of TV sets, radio sets and PCs. 

 Warning! EasyGate contains components that can be swallowed by small children (SIM card, antenna, etc.). 

 The voltage value mentioned on the adapter may not be exceeded. If you connect EasyGate to another power supply, make sure that the voltage value is in the acceptable range. 

 When your EasyGate comes to the end of its operational life, dispose of it in accordance with applicable regulations.