3.1 Licenses

Refer to the License tile on the administrator’s Dashboard for the current count of licensed devices and Attendance users. Upon the initial installation of the 2N® Access Commander, a Trial license (see below for details) will be available for you to configure one device and monitor Attendance of one user free of charge. Order extending licenses to manage a higher count of devices or monitor more users than one. The following license types can be ordered:

2N Part No. 91379040

Axis Part. No. 01372-001

2N®Access Commander – license for +5 devices (5-device license package)*

2N Part No. 91379041

Axis Part. No. 01373-001

2N® Access Commander – license for +25 users (25-user license package)** – for employees’ Attendance monitoring only

2N Part No. 91379042

Axis Part. No. 01374-001

2N® Access Commander – Integration License (LDAP + CSV synchronisation package)


  • * If you need a license for 17 devices, e.g., then order 4 licenses No. 91379040 (to connect up to 20 devices in total to the system). 
  • ** If you need a license for 69 users, e.g., then order 3 licenses No. 91379041 (to monitor arrivals/departures of up to 75 users in total).

Click on the icon to pass to the Setting – License menu, where you can find the following sections:

Active licenses

The section displays the count of required and owned device and user Attendance management licenses (in the required / owned format). Including the last license adding date. Every license addition rewrites the original one. Licenses are not added up. 

License Device S/N for License Generation

One of the connected devices (2N IP intercom, Access Unit, etc.) is used for license generation. Send the serial number to your distributor. A license will be generated and remain valid as long as the license device is connected (the device is used as a hardware key). When the license device is disconnected, a protective period will start running to keep the 2N® Access Commander active. When the protective period expires, all the devices will become inactive and a new license will have to be generated. 

License Adding

The section helps you add a new license by reading the license file from your PC disk. 

System without license

For testing purposes, a license will become active on the server upon installation with the following parameters: 

  • 1 device 
  • 1 Attendance user 
  • unlimited count of system users

License Expiration

A license expires when the license device is disconnected from 2N® Access Commander for a long time. The time during which 2N® Access Commander is functional depends on the time during which the license device was connected. The longer the connection time the longer the reconnection timeout. See the license detail for the license expiration date and time. 



When the license expires, all the devices are switched into the inactive mode. Once a new license is added, first activate the device for which the license has been generated. The other devices cannot be activated until this license device is activated.