2. Linux Settings

A setting console is available for easier configuration of 2N® Access Commander.

Set the basic Linux parameters:

Networking – set the Proxy server and network parameters. Set the network parameters manually or via the 2N® Access Commander DHCP server.

  • Time – set the time, NTP server and time zone for 2N® Access Commander. Ideally, the time zone should match the value set for the 2N® IP intercoms.

  • SSH – set the SSH connection to the 2N® Access Commander server. Make sure that a password is set for SSH that is different from the default one and meets the SSH requirements.  

  • SMB – enable the shared folder connection wizard. Set the IP address/domain name and folder path. E.g.: Set the user name for folder access and right to write. Type the user password and select the Samba protocol version. Once all the mandatory parameters are set, the server connection is verified and the successful/wrong information is displayed.

  • Password – set the root user account password. Use the password for Linus login or SSH access. 


  • Backup and restore – back up and restore the 2N® Access Commander data:
    • Import – import settings from another 2N® Access Commander
    • Backup – back up the current configuration and user list to a samba server
      • Backup – unrepeated backup
      • Periodical backup – backup period
        • Every day
        • Every week
        • Every month
        • Disabled
    • Restore – restore configuration from backup

Refer to 3.9 System Backup for backup details.

  • Reboot – restart the machine.
  • Shutdown – shut the machine down.
  • Quit – quit the configuration console and display the Linux terminal input.